Therefore, its cost to the environment (God’s creation) may still be high. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, I can’t get excited about an energy source that may contaminate God’s creation.… Read More

This is supposedly the worst drought in Texas in 44yrs. In fact at my house, not counting snow, I’ve had under2 inches of rain since the year started. I think we had about 5 total inches of snow, or the equivalent of a half-inch of rain. Not only will this be affecting food prices, but… Read More

Here in North Texas, we’ve had scary cold weather lately. We’ve had wind chills around -4 Fahrenheit at night the last few days. Since most of us around here have heat pumps with electric auxiliary back-ups, the electric demand has been MUCH HIGHER than normal. Because of this, there have been rolling blackouts, some of… Read More

Because natural gas is a cleaner alternative than say gasoline, I’d hate for our natural gas reserves to go untapped. Yet, if extracting the natural gas will possibly cause water contamination, then it really isn’t worth the risk. … Read More

The Weatherford Democrat had a write up about an opportunity to learn a little more about gardening. They will also have a native plant sale after the educational session.… Read More

As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, the environment, I was planning to upgrade this dishwasher anyway. But, when I heard about the Texas Appliance Rebate program I was really excited to find that the government and I actually agree on getting better appliances. I am VERY PLEASED with my GE GLD6968RSS.… Read More

As a Christian who cares about God’s Creation, the environment, I am one of the 38 thousand people in Texas who will be taking advantage of a government program meant to get consumers to junk their working appliances and buy new ones to help stimulate the lagging economy.… Read More

I think this is evidence that weather forecasting does not have any where near accurate enough models to predict the weather in a few weeks with any degree of certainty, let alone the weather in a few decades.… Read More