Today I want to share my experience with the WordPress All-In-One for Dummies book. This book is aimed at people who have absolutely no experience with wordpress (the website software). In other words, if you have no idea what wordpress is, this is the place to start. I got my copy from my local library… Read More

digital communication

I was recently asked how to effectively communicate (digitally) to a medium sized group. Every now and then someone will ask me a question that I actually feel like I can answer, like effectively communicating to a medium group. Let me start with describing why I’ve labelled this a medium sized group question. I majored… Read More

I must admit, I’ve been thinking about the differences between books and say, blogs. In terms of communication qualities. Now I understand why Professors want books in research papers, and not internet sources. Here are some differences which I thought of: 1. Books are written as if they will last forever – internet stuff like… Read More