I teach a couple of basic bible reading classes each year at our church. They cover basic interpretive issues in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament. At the completion of one of the classes a person asked me for a book recommendation. They wanted to give a family member a book that… Read More

I must admit, I’ve been thinking about the differences between books and say, blogs. In terms of communication qualities. Now I understand why Professors want books in research papers, and not internet sources. Here are some differences which I thought of: 1. Books are written as if they will last forever – internet stuff like… Read More

Over the last 4 days I’ve been reading a lot… Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. – Invitation to the Apocrypha. It’s a good, easy to understand, introduction to the Old Testament apocryphal books. David A. deSilva – Introducing the Apocrypha. This book reads just like a NT Introduction, but for the Apocryphal books. It addresses the… Read More

I thought I would mention the books read this past week. Jobes/Silva Invitation to the Apocryhpa – I’d recommend it to anyone pursuing biblical scholarship who wants an introduction to the basic questions in the Apocryphal works. Martin Hengel’s The Septuagint as Christian Scripture – only to more serious students, it deals with a lot… Read More

This year I’m going to set a goal of reading 200 books. Most people will think that is crazy. But, for anyone who has pursued graduate studies, you’ll know it is achievable. So, at the end of each week I will post the books read that week, and the number of pages. I will also… Read More