Creation Metaphors in Zechariah | Earth Day Activities | Archeologist finds Soddom?
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While Collins did not say outright “this is biblical Soddom”, he did appear to think it, and said that it satisfies the necessary criteria to fit with what the written source in Genesis presents – which is archeologist speak for “this is the biblical Soddom – but I haven’t convinced the other archeologists yet”. … Read More

His recent post about the discoveries in Thessaloniki is a great example of what he does. He includes a link to a press release, and a picture of what he is discussing. Mike includes a discussion of the discovery, and some comments about its significance. I like to check up on his site every few days to see what’s new in the area of archeology.… Read More

This book argues against several different ideologies which the author sees as a threat to archeology and Biblical studies. He explores the question present in the title throughout his book in several different ways. He asks the question of each time period (ex. Iron Age, Late Bronze Age, etc), and in terms of how that… Read More