Teaching with Technology

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Let’s talk about technology that can help you teach others about the Bible, or whatever else you are teaching!

When you’re teaching you definitely don’t want to lose the notes that you’ve prepared! Using Carbonite Online Backup solutions will eliminate that risk by backing up your documents to the cloud in a secure way. Find out more by clicking here and using my affiliate link. You will not be charged anything extra, but you will be helping me afford to buy my children name brand cereal!

Presentation Software

I’ve used Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Prezi. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. But you need to pick one. You will have people in your audience who are visual learners and they need to see something to help anchor what you are teaching.

Memory Work – Repitition

I suggest using Quizlet to build flashcards for whatever it is that you are teaching and then make those flashcards publicly available. The quizlet app is free in the app store and community created flashcards can be used free of charge.


You can use some sort of online form, or paper test, or something in between. The point is that people will want to see that they really have learned something.

News and Notes

ArsTechnica has an article called “New ransomware infections are the worst drive-by attacks in recent memory.” Bottom line, you should have a firewall of some kind and a password changing guideline in place for your organization.

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