Taking Church Tech to the Next Level

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Tech News that Impacts the Church

There are two headlines over at the Verge that I think show a shift in our culture. I think it’s one that churches should watch. The first headline has to do with the global reach of Overwatch League. The second has to do with Elizabeth Warren wants to hire tech-savvy people to work for congress in order to explain tech-stuff to policy makers. These people would be independent from lobbyists so that Big Tech companies would have less of an ability to shape the conversation around policy.

So how does this impact the Church you may ask? I think taking these two bits of news into account can help us in taking church tech to the next level. First I think we need to take video game culture seriously. Now that people can earn scholarships to colleges for playing video games, and even play games professionally that are televised on ESPN or some other content provider. We need to watch our rhetoric from stage about video games. There are a lot of people in the church who play video games regularly!

taking church tech to the next level
percent who play video games regularly by age group

The story about Government and understanding tech shows us that churches will need a dedicated tech person. In most cases this person will not be paid, but in larger churches they probably should be paid. I don’t have in mind a person in charge of operating complicated tech stuff, though it could be that person. I mean someone who can explain the use of complicated tech stuff to the staff, to the congregation, etc. And this person can advise church members on the use of technology – not as tech support, but as a means of keeping kids safe, or protecting your identity. I mean more of a Tech Usage Advisor than a Tech Director. Odds are you have someone in your congregation who is tech savvy. You can ask them to put together some resources for your church to use. It may be a great way to involve someone in the mission of your church, and use a person who you aren’t currently using. Doing this things will help us in taking church tech to the next level.

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