Planning to Replace Church Technology

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No matter what size church you are, or how many TV’s, computers, and printers you have, you need to be planning to replace church technology.

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I’ve included links to the average lifespan of some items below:

TV’s last 7-10 years (

Computers (Mac or PC) last about 4-5 years ( Interestingly, hard drives tend to fail after about 3-5 years. So sometimes you can get by with a simple hard drive replacement.

Projectors last about 7-10 years, but you’ll replace bulbs more frequently (

Networking Equipment lasts about 5+ years (

A/V Equipment probably lasts about 5-7 years depending on the use case.


You might really want to stay away from Huawei products… Reuters reports that Huawei employees worked with Chinese military employees on research projects.

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