Small Room Video Solutions

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I suggest Bluehost for your webhosting needs! This episode gives a quick run-down of an effective solution for a small room. Hopefully this episode can save you some money! You might be able to use something like a Stereo Receiver with HDMI inputs. Want some help with a tech-problem? Email me the details and I’ll… Read More

Captive Portal WiFi

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I suggest Carbonite for all your backup needs! In this episode I share my strategy for using a captive portal on my church WiFi so that we can effectively welcome people to the church. Hopefully that welcome leads to a gospel conversation. You can use something like a Ubiquiti System to setup a Captive Portal.… Read More

2019 Tech Goals

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This podcast is brought to you by Bluehost web hosting. Some of my goals for 2019 for the media ministry at Greenwood: 1) Setup an Online Campus, 2) Invest More Resources into Training, 3) Maximize Church Management Software. Join the conversation on the blog!… Read More

Conversation with Stephen Bolech

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In this conversation Stephen and I talk about live streaming church services. We serve in very different contexts. He’s in a very traditional style of worship service, and I am in a modern worship context. Yet, we both have some of the same needs in terms of equipment and know how. I mentioned an article… Read More

Church AV Network

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Church AV Network Carbonite backup services literally saved all the pictures and videos of my kids from a fire. I use it personally, at church, and recommend it to my personal clients. Consumer Models of Church AV Network Matrix Switchers Button with lights Delay switch sources, may take 2 seconds with an obvious screen blip… Read More

Survey Monkey in a Local Church

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Survey Monkey Uses in a Local Church 2018   Bluehost is a great place to start a wordpress site, or maybe you want to migrate a current wordpress site over to them. I’ve had great luck with their support over the past 3 years.   Top Uses for Survey Monkey in a Local Church: Guest… Read More

iPads and Tablets in a Local Church

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Sponsored by Bluehost web hosting service We use iPads in at least 8 different ways in our local church. Registration Kiosk Sign-up lists Children’s Check-In Music Stand ProPresenter Remote ProPresenter Stage Display Sound Board Interface Payment Processor Do you have any other suggestions for using an iPad or Tablet in a local church? If so… Read More