Online Course at Church to Teach the Bible

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I’ve started teaching online recently, and I’ve been impressed with the approach that MBTS takes toward online learning.

Some Strengths of Online Courses for Teaching the Bible

  1. Flexibility of Schedule
  2. Clarity
  3. Self-Paced
  4. Frequently Available

Some Weaknesses of Online Courses for Teaching the Bible

  1. Can be impersonal
  2. Tendency to become abstractly focused and not practical
  3. Can stunt the development of new teachers

Tech News and the Church

I found this article describing the way that a college professor has been impacted by students who have a social (or maybe social media) agenda. It says, “the experience left a mark on Ruberg, who says they’ve become more hesitant to include material about gender, sexuality, and race on their syllabuses. They’ve become wary, in some ways, of their students.”

Churches are not free from people with these same agendas. How do we respond to this cultural reality? Do we become hesitant? Careful? Overly Brash as an attempt to counter the movement?



Some other good platforms for Online Courses

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