My Church’s New Streaming Video Setup Review + What You Need to Know 10/23

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New Streaming Setup

My church bought a Blackmagic TV Studio Pro 4k a few weeks ago, and a few other accessories to go along with it. I really like it, even though it has some weird things going on. The build quality feels great, and the functionality is awesome. The way that they basically expect you to run a computer alongside the control surface is a little bit weird. So, if I were you I would probably get an ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4k and then use a midi interface to control the parts you want physical control over.

What You Need to Know 10/23 Edition

Disney+ is launching, ESPN+ has millions of subscribers, and Netflix has increasing profits at this time. NVIDIA is launching some new streaming hardware. Why does that matter? Your church needs to be streaming on different platforms!! I’m not just talking about Worship Services. Yes I think it’s good to stream Worship Services, but I don’t think that’s all that should appear on your channels. What about a weekly live prayer meeting with a couple of staff members? What about a short devotional once a week or so? How about a missions update from someone/some church that your church supports? We are soliciting testimony videos that relate to our core values to show. We as believers need to be able to undergird what we do on the weekend with content/material/guidance across the week also!

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