Are you taking a vacation? If you are, do you plan to make it as “green” as possible? I went to visit my parents in Alabama. I did hypermile while driving. But that’s not saving much energy. It’s a good thing I’m not Catholic, or else I’d have been disobeying the pope. See his statement… Read More

I was very surprised to find out that the type of fuel which I can buy is mandated by my county. In effect, my county determines whether or not my car can run at it’s maximum efficiency. To be fair, this is done for the purpose of emissions. However, it seems counter productive to restrict… Read More

No, I don’t drive a Prius, though I wish I did… My Accord works just fine. At the request of my brother Matthew, I will describe my recent hypermiling endeavors. I learned about hypermiling in mid June, and tried it out immediately on a drive down to Waco (about 100mi from me). I was amazed… Read More

Your probably thinking, “what i thought this was a blog about environmental problems!” It is. However, I’m not completely convinced that climate change is totally at the whim of CO2; and me driving my car (I am now a skilled hypermiling). It seems that other factors influence things a lot more than “mainstream pop-science” might… Read More

Building upon the idea that all of life is spiritual, one can make several other observations… Community should be much more important than it is currently. I am amazed at how far people will drive to go to a church. If a church is to have influence in a community, shouldn’t it be made up… Read More

I have heard it said that in Old Testament times, people were more holistic. Some say that the mindset of the Hebrew’s would have been that all of life is spiritual life. I think there is much merit to this idea. After all, books like Esther are in the scriptures… There would be no dichotomy… Read More

I ran across this great video message by a pastor I like. The video makes a point that we are Rich, and don’t even appreciate it. Check it out and see if it’s message fits with the message of living a sustainable lifestyle. part 1 part 2… Read More

Here in Texas we had a pretty bad hailstorm last night. In fact the weather service was indicating a possible tornado right near my house, so we took cover while the hail and wind were incredibly loud. After the noise died down I took this picture. It isn’t snow –its hail accumulation. It got me… Read More