I haven’t published a blog entry in quite some time, I know. The main reason is that I have been busy researching and writing my Thesis, “An Assessment of the Treatment of Ecology in Four Recent Old Testament Theologies.” Let’s face it, the thing isn’t going to win any best-seller awards. But, it is exciting… Read More

The phrase “evangelical ecology” may sound like a paradox, as does “conservative Christian ecology”. But, I believe that it is a possibility. Evangelicals have long been criticized rightly or wrongly for believing that the earth is going to be destroyed, so why worry about taking care of it. Recently, the liberal agenda has taken up… Read More

Here I sit, on the back porch of my parents house in Alabama. The wind is rustling in the trees, and the rain is steadily falling. The sound is something we never get in Texas, we just don’t have the trees. The Alabama trees are huge compared to Texas trees. All their leaves are either… Read More

This week I finally met with my second reader, Dr. Goff, who will be advising me in the ethical discussions of my thesis. He suggested that I narrow my focus more for my thesis. The topic I was working on was one he felt would be better served by a dissertation instead of a thesis.… Read More

Yesterday in my Genesis Exegesis class we discussed the idea of God blessing creation and mankind in chapter one. The professor suggested that God had given a unique blessing to mankind to have dominion over the earth. Then he went on to suggest that the book of Genesis shows that when people try to secure… Read More

Well, as anticipated I was told I need to do a bit more tweaking on my prospectus. I am supposed to give a little more detail on the outline of my main argument, as well as add a few more books. All in all, this won’t require too much more work. I hope to finish… Read More