As 2020 nears, I have realized that I’ve been “in ministry” for about 20 years. My oldest child is now 10. I decided it was time that I write out some of what I have learned so that my children (in the future) can read my words about my experience in churches. My hope is… Read More

After using the system for 3 months I’m ready to share my Elexio Community review. Spoiler alert, it’s mostly great! We dove into the Elexio system with both feet and use pretty much everything they have to offer. For a church of our size I really like it. If I had a multi-site church of… Read More

You can upgrade the firmware of your network equipment on your own. You don’t need any special training, you just need to be careful and follow a few simple rules. I’m here to give you some direction for upgrading your network devices. If you follow this advice you can save hundreds of dollars! What Network… Read More

Static IP addresses are very useful in certain circumstances. On the other hand you don’t want to create too many static IP addresses because they can be difficult to keep track of. Today I want to show you the sweet spot of using static IP addresses on your church (or other) network. What is a… Read More

From time to time you will be asked to help someone setup their new phone. It’s a task I honestly do not enjoy. However, if you pay attention to a few tips I’ve got below, you can ensure that their device is more user-friendly than it would be if you didn’t help set it up.… Read More

We started using to simultaneously broadcast to 3 different channels. At Greenwood we send our live stream to Facebook Live, Periscope/Twitter, and Youtube. We are a church of about 800-900 in attendance at our physical location in Weatherford, TX. We decided a few years ago that we would use social media to try and… Read More

Today I want to discuss Christian Meditation: Reviving a Lost Art by Mark Hollis. He notes that the Psalms open with the righteous one meditating on God’s torah. In the same way physical exercise benefits the body, meditation produces health for your mind that enables it to perform at a higher level of efficiency (Location… Read More

I was recently asked to connect a portable building to our network. The portable building sits 650ft from the nearest building. Since network cables do not generally run more than 300ft this created a problem. My consultant suggested a radio system from Ubiquiti (specifically the Ubiquiti Nanobeam AC gen 2). The installation and setup stretched… Read More