Justin AllisonMy name is Justin Allison. I’m a Christian, and have been since 1990. I married a beautiful, godly woman, named Rachel in 2002. We have three extremely energetic kids, currently aged 10, 8, and 5. I blog here because I really enjoy sharing tips for using digital technology for advancing God’s kingdom. I really want to use this platform to answer questions. At times I also want to discuss my main area of academic interest, the Old Testament. I’ll be discussing Old Testament texts, theology, and backgrounds.

So why should anybody listen to Justin Allison?

To put it simply, I’ve been at this a while – and I’ve learned from the journey. I earned a Ph.D. in Old Testament, with a dissertation titled: “Allusions to the Pentateuch in Zechariah 9-10.” For my Th.M., I wrote a thesis titled: “An Analysis of the Treatement of Ecology within Recent Old Testament Theology.” I also hold an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a B.A. in Religion and Communication from Baylor University.

But that’s just academics, I’m also a practicing minister of the gospel. I was a Youth Minister for 8 years. Now I am Pastor of Small Groups and Media at Greenwood Baptist Church, where I started in January of 2015. I enjoy thinking about Old Testament Theology, and issues of technology as they affect the study of the Bible. I teach occasionally at the Seminary level as an adjunct professor. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, has impacted my life in too many ways to list here. My relationship with God drives my choices and actions.

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