We recently bought a roomba 530, made by iRobot. The Amazon reviews on these things are usually good, with the exception being people complaining about the durability. After doing some research it seemed that the “durability issue” was mainly due to poor maintenance. We found a good deal on the 530 with a 1yr warranty,… Read More

It’s official, I received a letter notifying me of my acceptance to the Ph.D. program at Southwestern Seminary. I am still awaiting the decision of the University of Bristol before I choose where to study, but it is nice to know that I will be continuing somewhere! In other news, my family will be moving… Read More

The blog has received some much needed attention. I am slowly learning the ways of html, and will be adjusting this site to where all the links work – eventually. I’m also in the middle of house-hunting here in TX. Things will be hectic for a while, but I will definitely be posting!!… Read More

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I had good reason. I had a daughter born on October 24th, and I have been adjusting to life taking care of our new family member. Both my wife and daughter are doing great. I’ll be back to my normal schedule now…… Read More

As the price of oil has dropped below $80 per barrel, some are thinking that the need for alternative fuel powered vehicles is not that great of a need. MSNBC ran a story here. The image is by Justin Sullivan from Getty Images. It is true that oil has dropped to a lower price than… Read More

This morning at 8:10am I turned in my thesis, “An Assessment of the Treatment of Ecology in Recent Old Testament Theologies”. Several of you may be thinking, “didn’t he already turn that in?”. This submission was not to my supervisor (as the past ones have been), but was instead to the degree office. They will… Read More

This week I finally met with my second reader, Dr. Goff, who will be advising me in the ethical discussions of my thesis. He suggested that I narrow my focus more for my thesis. The topic I was working on was one he felt would be better served by a dissertation instead of a thesis.… Read More

Well, things are moving forward here on the ecological homefront… I guess. I finally got my applications mailed off to England where I was told that good things awaited me. We’ll see. Did anyone catch the history channel show this week about the coming oil apocalypse? What about the one called “A Global Warning”? They… Read More

I have been working on a thesis statement for my paper. It looks like the modern emphasis on ecology grows out of a series of historical emphases. I’m trying to prove that the emphasis on ecology since the early-mid 1970’s has shaped the doctrine of God for many contemporary OT theologians.Evidently there was an idea… Read More