I hate annoying home tech. After a day of dealing with the stresses of ministry and helping others with their technology issues I come home and find some kind of annoying home tech problem? Nope. I don’t like it one bit. Lately the culprit has been my home internet. I have AT&T fiber connection, but… Read More

Finding usage stats on your website is simple, but very important. Using my tips below you can find out what your largest demographics are, when your most busy time of the week is, and what sort of search words drive people to your website. This post is one of my more technical sort of tutorials,… Read More

In July of 2007 I was fired from a church. This “reflections” series of posts deals with some of my core lessons from ministry over the past 20 years (last time I talked about Matt Baker). It’s the sort of thing that I hope my kids, or anyone I mentor, will learn from my mistakes… Read More

While I’ve been at Greenwood, we have changed software systems a few times. When leading through a software system change, I’ve learned a few things from mistakes and successes. I’m writing this post from the perspective of the person in charge of the system, though it will be applicable to anyone working through a software… Read More

One thing I want to get just right is our first time guest communication sequence. A first time guest communication sequence can be a series of communication that you perform manually, or automate. Many church software systems can automate a sequence like this. I prefer something like Planning Center People, which can automate things very… Read More

What do you do when technology hates you? This week I felt like technology in general, and computers specifically, hated me. Stuff broke down and decided not to work. Most of you have had a week like this. When it all goes wrong and things don’t work you basically have 3 options. You Can Call… Read More

I’ve been using Logos to lead small group Bible studies for a while now. Over the years I’ve compiled some “best practices” that really help me save time. Today I thought I would share some of my tips with you. Use the Desktop App to Create and Sync Notes Most of what I’m sharing has… Read More

I have been using an app called Libib to keep track of my books in a personal bible study library. I recommend you use it too! Why You Should Use Libib It’s a free app. Well, unless you go over 5,000 items in your catalog its free. It has a paid tier if you need… Read More

I’m thinking of creating an online course for my church. I have in mind something like an online class from a college or seminary. Now you know I like to use digital methods for everything from evangelism, to following up with new small group leaders, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m contemplating creating an… Read More

At some point in your ministry you may be asked about writing Bible study curriculum. Perhaps you will be asked to write for a camp, retreat, or group bible study series. Today I want to share some lessons that will help you. Short Guide to Writing Bible Study Curriculum – Know the Details Up front… Read More