Have you ever needed to get rid of buzz on a live feed? I had a buzz that was audible at times on our church’s live video feed. We distribute the feed throughout the building and also over the internet. Obviously the background hum, or buzz needed to be addressed. So how do you get… Read More

Who Needs Theology is a book written by Stanley Grenz and Roger E. Olson. It was written when I was in high-school in the late 90s, but I found it at a bargain book store and saw the authors and had to have it. These two guys know their stuff.     Summary of Who… Read More

            This book does not contain footnotes, but it does contain a bibliography at the end which is fairly extensive. It reads much like an introduction to the prophets. The book contains summaries of each prophet, or section of the book (in the case of Isaiah, three sections). The book… Read More

preserve unity

A few years ago I was a part of a church split. Yep, rather than preserve unity we parted ways. I know this has little to do with technology, but it’s been on my mind this week. Nearly 10 years later With the benefit of hindsight and some personal growth in Christ, I’ve decided that… Read More

So, will the human species come to rely even more on computers in the future? Will people walk around one day with headsets for voice commands, and special eyeglasses that offer a display screen, or Augmented Reality?… Read More

This post represents an analysis of Joseph Blenkinsopp’s article in JSOT 1984. Blenkinsopp – Old Testament Theology He describes GL Baur as an example of the problem of finding a center in OT theology (3). It also illustrates the difficulty of finding a unity of thought or principle in the two distinct genres of narrative… Read More

A Great story about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hitler, and the way two Germans  are remembered.… Read More

A friend of mine emailed me today about Calvinism, and I thought the resulting conversation would make a good blog post…… Read More