According to one news source, a Harvard study indicates that passing Cap and Trade would raise gas prices to $7 a gallon. As a Christian who cares about the environment, I’m interested in legislation like this. I’m interested in it failing.… Read More

As a Christian who cares about God’s Creation, the environment, I am one of the 38 thousand people in Texas who will be taking advantage of a government program meant to get consumers to junk their working appliances and buy new ones to help stimulate the lagging economy.… Read More

I disagree in principal with government taking any responsibility or mission away from the church. In my view, God has relationships with individuals and challenges them specifically, in the same way then individuals are responsible for caring for other individuals. … Read More

The Climate Bill (H.R. 2454) will reportedly increase your energy bill. The GOP and the Dems have very different opinions about how much this will cost the average american.The GOP says over $3,000; while the Dems say only $245 according to MSNBC. The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere between the loaded analysis provided… Read More

Obama’s science advisor has stated publicly that he thinks the idea of geo-engineering is the way to hold off global warming (here). I find this idea interesting. I love technology. I love God’s creation. But, I am unconvinced about global warming. I’ve yet to see any good data supporting real warming over any extended amount… Read More

Well, President Obama acted to get the EPA to approve California (and other states) more strict emissions standards for automobiles. His new mileage mandate would require automobiles sold in the US to achieve 35mpg (per 2008 test) by 2020. His mandate includes a 4% increase per year to achieve this (more on these actions here).… Read More

Obama has picked his team of environmental crusaders. In his speech, he sounded like he really intends to change things. I hope that he does! His choice of accomplished scientists, and experienced Gore workers, leads me to believe that he really intends to get some things going here. He even mentioned that California is the… Read More

The USA always takes a beating from foreign press on our policy toward the environment. Recently activists blasted the U.S. at climate talks in Poland. Now, Obama gets praise from the foreign media and has pledged to make the USA a global leader on the environment. But what will happen when he breaks this promise?… Read More

After checking a couple of articles, it seems that Biden has record of making pro-environment choices. I should say that I am not endorsing Obama-Biden, or McCain-whoever. I will be voting for a third party candidate. One article says, that he wants to take away the subsidies from oil companies. He voted to regulate mercury… Read More