With Fall quickly approaching, it is time to start getting your house ready for the cooler temperatures. Truth be told, these improvements would help your house whether it’s hot or cold outside, so what are you waiting for? These tips will help you save energy, and cash, this winter.… Read More

1) Purchase windows that meet the following requirements: U factor less than or equal to 0.30; SHGC less than or equal to 0.30. I’m not going to try and explain this, just make sure that you ask for windows that meet these specifications. Otherwise, you won’t qualify for the rebate. 2) Have the windows installed… Read More

As a personal testimony, I can say that there is now no noticeable difference in the temperature of the rooms with film covered windows. So, it has made a HUGE difference in comfort for us. I’m also sure that it is going to impact my electricity bill, since my Air Conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep those rooms cool.… Read More

The WNDR3700 fits my criteria of providing an eco-friendly solution to my networking needs. As a christian who cares about God’s creation, environment, I want my purchases to reflect my convictions.… Read More

We bought a foreclosure last summer, and did some work on it. With the latest dishwasher purchase, the kitchen is finished up. So, today I thought I would post a before shot and an after shot of the same room from about the same spot. Before we Remodeled: After Remodel: I’ll answer any questions or… Read More

As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, the environment, I was planning to upgrade this dishwasher anyway. But, when I heard about the Texas Appliance Rebate program I was really excited to find that the government and I actually agree on getting better appliances. I am VERY PLEASED with my GE GLD6968RSS.… Read More

This government program will allow me to make a purchase on a more efficient appliance, which will lower my monthly bills (just a bit), and lower my impact on God’s creation. I’m all for leaving a smaller environmental footprint.… Read More

Today I want to share the tax credits available for people making energy efficient home upgrades. Regardless of your political affiliation, you probably don’t enjoy paying taxes. You probably don’t enjoy paying utility bills either. This list is for you!! The items on this list will give you tax credits, and save you money each… Read More

My composter came today!! I came home to the happy surprise of two green goodies. The soil saver composter assembled in about 10min. I followed the instructions as far as what to add in first. Then, after dinner I scraped off the vegetable remains and took them out to the composter. I’m anxious to keep… Read More