As I wait for what seems like forever on my garden to get going, I came across this approach to planting perennials instead of annuals.… Read More

This is supposedly the worst drought in Texas in 44yrs. In fact at my house, not counting snow, I’ve had under2 inches of rain since the year started. I think we had about 5 total inches of snow, or the equivalent of a half-inch of rain. Not only will this be affecting food prices, but… Read More

So there are a few pictures to spark your ideas. Remember, as soon as grass goes dormant, you can start digging and preparing beds for gardening!!… Read More

Soil Erosion, 1 Corinthians 2 Bible Study, and Composting – what more could you want!!… Read More

After spreading the compost into the garden, I raked it into the top of the soil until I was sure it was evenly distributed. Now the garden bed is ready for planting some peppers.… Read More

My broccoli was eaten by grasshoppers. At least, that’s my conclusion. I have had an abundance of grasshoppers the last two weeks, little bitty guys, and that is when the leaves started showing holes. It’s a shame because I had 3 good size plants that were just about to make a head of broccoli. I… Read More

I have this nasty patch of dirt and patchy grass/weeds. It sits in shade all day because it’s under a big tree, and on the east side of my house. I was at Lowe’s this week looking for a trellis for my peas, and was attracted to a flashy display of grass seed. I though “I wonder if they have any for shade…”. The answer was of course “yes”. … Read More

My Peas were looking ready to harvest, according to the Vegetable Gardener’s Bible. So, today my daughter, wife and I went out and picked the pods that looked good. We cut one open for my 18mo old daughter to see what was inside – which she loved. Then she ate one of the peas. Next… Read More