As a Christian who seeks to honor God and his creation (the environment), I can only hope that humanity did not bring this sort of thing upon itself.… Read More

The proper thing to do is to take the bulb somewhere that will dispose of them properly for you. DO NOT throw it in your trash can in order for the garbage truck to pick up.… Read More

Because natural gas is a cleaner alternative than say gasoline, I’d hate for our natural gas reserves to go untapped. Yet, if extracting the natural gas will possibly cause water contamination, then it really isn’t worth the risk. … Read More

One city in China is coupling it’s dairy industry with its electric grid, harvesting methane from manure to produce electricity. This is a pretty cool idea, and I think west Texas should look into doing the same. If you’ve ever driven through Plainview, or nearby you’ll know that those feed lots produce a nasty smell.… Read More

One time presidential hopeful, and longtime environmental crusader, Al Gore has gone on record saying that corn ethanol subsidies were a bad idea. He points out that Corn Ethanol competes with food for use, and increases the cost of corn as food. Also, the energy yield from the process just isn’t enough to be worthwhile.… Read More