Here in Texas, it’s hot. We’re talking over a hundred degrees, every day for over a month. It’s dry. No rain to speak of in a couple of months. Problems like this have led communities to look for sources of water other than nearby lakes. The lakes start running too low to drink from in… Read More

It seems that the drought is so bad that wildlife are abandoning their young. In fact, the mercury has risen over 100 every day in July at my house. It rained about a half-inch in early June, and before that it rained a few inches in mid-May. Because of this, I’m trying to be vigilant… Read More

Its the sort of argumentation that if it occurred in a professional paper, it would be labeled “bad logic”. … Read More

I don’t think they will be abandoning nuclear power any time soon. But, this story seems to be trying to tell readers that young people are afraid of it after the Japan crisis. Perhaps that will somehow sway public opinion… Yet, nuclear power has very few accidents. It’s just that when there are problems –… Read More

This is supposedly the worst drought in Texas in 44yrs. In fact at my house, not counting snow, I’ve had under2 inches of rain since the year started. I think we had about 5 total inches of snow, or the equivalent of a half-inch of rain. Not only will this be affecting food prices, but… Read More