One thing I think that this person’s journey toward preserving the environment illustrates is that different methods are more effective in some areas than others. There is no one-size fits all approach. You have to evaluate different methods to see what works for you!… Read More

This podcast talks about everything from Old Testament theology to Genetically Engineered Salmon, and some stuff in between. Enjoy!
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We talk Old Testament theology, fall gardening in North Texas, piezoelectrics, 100mpg cars, and why books are better than blogs!
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We discuss Small Space Gardens, Government Stickers on Car Lots, Terry Jones and his Koran burning charade, Creation in the New Testament, Fall Home Improvements – How to Save some Energy.… Read More

This week we discuss Old Testament Theology – Hasel’s Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate and Hayes and Prussner’s Old Testament Theology: Its History and Development. Also, a look at the post-retirement Stephen Hawking’s interesting comments. Finally, a great program – Zotero. It’s open-source, useful, and easy to use!! Finally Rain!!… Read More