Gunkel’s work is of course one which has been of major import for the study of Old Testament. Having said that, I would probably recommend this work for someone who is a mature student – able to think critically without always being persuaded by the author. His idea of “legend” is going to be off-putting… Read More

If you think background studies are helpful for exegesis, then this book is for you. I would recommend it for Senior Undergrads and up. Educated Lay-People might enjoy it as well, since it is mainly summary format. The book is composed of eleven sections. These are: (i) the OT apocrypha; (2) the OT pseudepigrapha; (3)… Read More

Over the last 2 weeks I have been reading books on the history of NT research and interpretation… Read More

Have you ever considered the way in which the Prophets ascribe God’s basis for judgment to his status as the Creator? Isaiah 42:5 is a good example of this. God’s status as Creator is recognized, which develops into the idea that one should only worship him. Then there is a song of praise wherein God… Read More