At some point in your ministry you may be asked about writing Bible study curriculum. Perhaps you will be asked to write for a camp, retreat, or group bible study series. Today I want to share some lessons that will help you. Short Guide to Writing Bible Study Curriculum – Know the Details Up front… Read More

A friend asked me to write curriculum for our Youth Camp again this year, so I thought I would share it here. Please keep in mind that the MS word document you download is not a “finished product” in the sense of a printable curriculum. I submitted this manuscript to an editor. The editor took… Read More

Something I’ve come to rely on is a monthly small group leader email. The email has a few advantages over other forms of communication that make it effective for delivering information. First, unlike social media it isn’t algorithm dependent – which means everyone will see it. Second, it can be longer than a text message.… Read More

Digital Evangelism might trigger some very different responses. Today I’d like to outline a few different types of digital evangelism that we use at Greenwood. Digital Evangelism with CV Outreach We partner with an organization called CV Outreach. From our end, it is super simple. The folks over at CV Outreach design ads utilizing our… Read More

Network or Cloud Storage? That’s one of the many questions facing the tech person at a small church. This post will help you learn the difference between the two, so that you can decide which option is best for your context. Spoiler Alert – We use both options at Greenwood. What is the difference between… Read More

This summer I’m teaching through Psalms in my small group Bible study. I thought I would share some tips for reading Psalms that can help you in your devotional reading, and in leading a group through reading Psalms. Reading Psalms is different from reading other books in the Old Testament. Some helpful distinctions are listed… Read More

As 2020 nears, I have realized that I’ve been “in ministry” for about 20 years. My oldest child is now 10. I decided it was time that I write out some of what I have learned so that my children (in the future) can read my words about my experience in churches. My hope is… Read More

After using the system for 3 months I’m ready to share my Elexio Community review. Spoiler alert, it’s mostly great! We dove into the Elexio system with both feet and use pretty much everything they have to offer. For a church of our size I really like it. If I had a multi-site church of… Read More

You can upgrade the firmware of your network equipment on your own. You don’t need any special training, you just need to be careful and follow a few simple rules. I’m here to give you some direction for upgrading your network devices. If you follow this advice you can save hundreds of dollars! What Network… Read More

Static IP addresses are very useful in certain circumstances. On the other hand you don’t want to create too many static IP addresses because they can be difficult to keep track of. Today I want to show you the sweet spot of using static IP addresses on your church (or other) network. What is a… Read More