Email Expense Reports are much cheaper to implement than using an expense reporting service such as Expensify. What if you simply used an app to create a few email templates for each user that would meet their needs? Then they could simply add the amount and the receipt as a photo and then send the email from their phone.

This post is one of my practical tech tips for ministry. You can find similar posts such as a First Time Guest Communication Sequence, or How to Create a Powerful Monthly Small Group Leader Email.

iOS Email Template Apps

iOS does not natively support email templates which is a huge downside in my opinion. You can use alternative email apps or you can use a simple template app. Most of these are free in the app store.

email expense reports

I’ve been trying out an app called message templates. It really isn’t anything special and you can probably do exactly the same thing with other apps. This one is free for 3 templates, or $0.99 for unlimited templates. I should point out that you don’t have to use these as email templates for expense reports, but that’s what I’ll be talking about here.

The Process for Using Email as an Expense Report

The first thing you have to do is to create a template (duh!). In my particular case we need to report which category the expense comes from, the amount of the expense, and attach a receipt. So I’ll be setting a template for each category so that I only have to input the amount of the expense and then attach the receipt.

Once my templates are created, my process for creating an email expense report is quite simple. 1) open the app. 2) tap on the template 3) tap the mail program 4) type in the email recipient 5) type in the amount of the expense 6) insert a picture of the receipt, and 7) send.


It is possible to digitally report expenses quickly and accurately by using email. It is free (or already paid for). Other services can cost anywhere from $3 to $9/mo per user!

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