annoying home tech

I hate annoying home tech. After a day of dealing with the stresses of ministry and helping others with their technology issues I come home and find some kind of annoying home tech problem? Nope. I don’t like it one bit.

Lately the culprit has been my home internet. I have AT&T fiber connection, but it randomly decides to not work. Worse yet it randomly decides to block WiFi calling. So that means I’ll pick up a phone call, and then the other person cannot hear me talking. My workaround is to quickly turn off WiFi so that the call goes over the cellular network. Still, its really annoying!

But that got me thinking, what issues do you all have? What do you come home and get to deal with on a regular basis? Is it iOS updates for the family? I have four people to keep updated. Is it a universal remote control that has decided to not work properly? Maybe your home alarm system has decided to stop responding at certain times of day (like disarming in the morning when you try and let the dog out). All of these types of things can be examples of annoying home tech…

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