Finding usage stats on your website is simple, but very important. Using my tips below you can find out what your largest demographics are, when your most busy time of the week is, and what sort of search words drive people to your website. This post is one of my more technical sort of tutorials, like How to Use Static IP Addresses, or Network or Cloud Storage?

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Tip 1

Use Google Analytics. Yes Google Analytics is getting a little bit long in the tooth (old), but it is still extremely useful. As I was writing this post I checked my church’s site on Google Analytics and found that we had over 1,300 website “hits” yesterday. So I’m guessing someone/something was trying to hack our site because we average a little over 100 hits per day. So analytics can give you that sort of insight, but also it shows me:

Average length of website visit – so I can tell that people spend a little over 2min total on our website on average.

Bounce rate – the percentage of people who load our website and then immediately leave. In our case it is about 30%.

Most popular page – I can tell that after our landing page, our service time page is the 2nd most viewed page. Our “give” page is 5th.

Demographics of website visitors – More than half were first time users of the website. 43% were between 35 and 44 years old. 73% of users were female. Most of our users were from Texas (where we are located) but about 10% were from other states in the USA. Also 68% of users were browsing our website on a mobile device.

You can view all of these statistics after you set your site up with google analytics. If it is a wordpress site, you can use this tutorial.

finding usage stats on your website 2

Tip 2

Use Facebook’s Pixel. I actually enjoy looking at the stats on the mobile app with Facebook pixel. While similar to Google Analytics it offers a few different sort of statistics. Maybe GA does the same, but Facebook’s pixel puts things in easy to use categories.

It breaks users down into “monthly,” “weekly,” and “daily” users of your website. So we have 503 monthly users, 154 weekly users, and 20 daily users. I can tell that we had double the amount of iPhone users to Android users (2k iPhone vs 785 Android).

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Tip 3

You can use these stats to further tailor your website. For example, since we know that most people who visit our site are looking for service times, and doing it on Sundays, we can setup a Sunday only landing page that displays times of our worship services prominently. Since giving is an important activity for our users, we can make the link for giving appear on the top-level menu instead of buried down in a sub-menu.


Hopefully you can use these tips for finding usage stats on your website to make your church or business site even more effective!!

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