What do you do when technology hates you? This week I felt like technology in general, and computers specifically, hated me. Stuff broke down and decided not to work. Most of you have had a week like this. When it all goes wrong and things don’t work you basically have 3 options.

You Can Call Support about Your Warranty

Our church’s network firewall broke this week. The short story is that it has two ports for incoming internet connections. We use both. One of the ports died this week, so we lost half our internet bandwidth (actually more – but that’s another story). 

This product has a great warranty. Well, it’s great because its expensive – you get what you pay for. So I was able to call support and walk through some diagnostic tests. After the tests they overnighted a new model to me with a return shipping label for the defective unit. So, it would seem the problem is solved. Sunday hasn’t come yet, so I’m not positive…

The point here is that extended support plans might be worth it.

You Can Fix the Problem Yourself

I had a home device stop working properly this week. It’s a device that’s old (A nexus 10) with a custom setup and custom installation. So, nobody will support the problem because I’m the one who made it… It turns out that the connection between a few wires was the problem. Of course I only discovered this after a bunch of troubleshooting steps. I was able to fix the problem pretty quickly, but finding the problem took more time than I would have liked.

The point here is that custom technology is great, but you are responsible for supporting it. Even when technology hates you…

You Can Replace the Device

The video switcher at church has been acting up lately. Recently it’s moodiness has increased to the point of frustration. Since the device was manufactured almost 10yrs ago, AND I had already budgeted to replace it… I decided to replace the whole system with a new Blackmagic video switcher rather than work on it. 

In the past few months I’ve had to replace computer parts because I didn’t have the budget to replace the whole thing. For me, the difference between replacing a part and replacing a whole system depends on budget an ease of replacing a faulty component. 

The point here is that sometimes things are so far gone that you just need to get rid of them.

Concluding Thoughts on When Technology Hates You

Even though we know pieces of technology don’t really have a mind of their own, it sure can feel like technology hates you. When it feels like technology hates you, you basically have three options. You can call support; You can fix it yourself; or You can replace the device. For me, budget constraints and available time are the two factors that I take into account when making the decision.

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