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Something I’ve come to rely on is a monthly small group leader email. The email has a few advantages over other forms of communication that make it effective for delivering information. First, unlike social media it isn’t algorithm dependent – which means everyone will see it. Second, it can be longer than a text message. Third, it can be scheduled easily unlike text messaging. So I really think email is a good solution for a monthly communication with your small group leaders. You can even use a solution like mailchimp to track the number of opens and everything if that really matters to you. Now I want to share with you the items that I think are must-adds every time in my email newsletter.

A Story of Success from One of the Groups

This encourages other group leaders to look for stories of success in their own groups. It also lets you communicate what success looks like within groups ministry. Is discipleship the most important aspect? Then tell stories of discipleship. Is community/fellowship the most important aspect? Then tell those types of stories.

Another advantage that stories have is that they grab people’s attention. We all want people to read the email, so we should start with a story that will ensure the reader wants to keep reading!

I Communicate the Number of People who have Visited a Group for the First Time the Past Month

This lets me hammer home the idea that groups are always growing. In this paragraph I like to include some information about upcoming group launches as well. My goal here is to try and encourage people to look for potential new group leaders!

I Include Some Sort of Tip

Sometimes it might be a link to an article. Other times it might be a resource that I’ve created, like a Cheat-Sheet for Reading Psalms. Then I like to ask them to share helpful tips with me. You never know where you’ll find a good idea! This also helps drive home the idea that I expect group leaders to be always improving and learning, and that includes me.

I Ask for Prayer Requests

Again I want to stress that we pray for each other. I pray weekly for each group, and want them to know it. If we’re sharing prayer requests and staying in touch via social media, then when I see group leaders for a few minutes on Sunday I know what to talk to them about. I don’t ask them about the weather or something, I’m able to have a deeper conversation with them.

I Remind Them I’m Available to Help

Most people don’t need or want to talk to me weekly. But I want them to know that I’m available. So I always include my contact information. That way, in the times that they do need me, they will know how to reach me quickly!

Conclusion about Monthly Small Group Leader Email

There you have it. That is my basic outline that I try and use each time I do a monthly small group leader email. Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear in the comments, or on twiter @justinallison16.

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