Digital Evangelism might trigger some very different responses. Today I’d like to outline a few different types of digital evangelism that we use at Greenwood.

Digital Evangelism with CV Outreach

We partner with an organization called CV Outreach. From our end, it is super simple. The folks over at CV Outreach design ads utilizing our google ads grant. Many of those ads are for keywords like death, suicide, lonely, etc. Then the ad will point the person to a video that presents the gospel in a way that is geared toward the search term that person entered. At the end of the video the person can ask questions, or send a message. CV Outreach will then route that message to the closest partner church.

digital evanglism cvoutreach

Maybe that sounds complex, but in reality it works out to be really simple. The only thing I end up doing is answering emails that come to me via the CV Outreach system. Sometimes the person is close enough for me to engage the person through our church. Sometimes the person is like 50mi away, and I’ll point them to a church in that area. I’ve had a few good conversations with people, but some of the emails end up as dead ends. Even so, a few good conversations from something that I don’t pay a dime for is pretty awesome!

Digital Evangelism with Facebook

We utilize Facebook in a couple of ways. Sometimes we will purposely design a post aimed at lost people to invite them to hear a message. We’ll ask our members to share that post, and oftentimes they will. This free strategy allows us to reach the friends of our people on Facebook with an invite hear the gospel.

Other times we will create a post that is a video (or something else) that shares the gospel. Then we’ll ask people to share the post and we’ll monitor comments and reactions to try and engage people. *One variant on both of these first two strategies is to pay for the post to reach more people through facebook ads.

The third way that we use Facebook is to live stream our worship service. We save those live streams on Facebook so they can be viewed later. We have found that people tend to listen to our podcast or view a service on Facebook Live before they attend in person. They want to check us out from a distance before they come in the door. But that’s not all. We’ve actually had about 5 people indicate online that they prayed to make Jesus their Lord as a result of our live stream. In those cases we reach out to the person and ensure that they either plug into our church or a church where they live.

Digital Evanglism through WiFi

I know this one sounds weird. I actually use the captive portal on our church’s guest network to capture email addresses. Then we can send them a custom message to make sure they hear the gospel. You can read more about that here.

Conclusions about Digital Evangelism

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. But these strategies help us do digital evangelism and reach more people with the message of the gospel. In these ways we use digital technology much like the church used radio. We use the tool of technology to share the gospel.

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