After using the system for 3 months I’m ready to share my Elexio Community review. Spoiler alert, it’s mostly great! We dove into the Elexio system with both feet and use pretty much everything they have to offer. For a church of our size I really like it. If I had a multi-site church of 10,000 or if I had a tech team, I would do things differently. But that isn’t me and that probably isn’t you. Let’s start with what it’s like in the week-to-week tasks, then go to the Sunday usage for check-ins, then talk about the practicality of sign-ups and meeting workflows.

Elexio Community week-to-week

We have settled into a pretty similar routine with Elexio week-to-week. On Mondays our receptionist enters information from the weekend, or fixes things that were entered incorrectly. While she was on vacation I had to do these tasks, and it took me about 10min per new family. She will even make sure that she grabs a photo from someone’s social media profile pic to put in the system.

She also maintains the calendar. The calendar maintenance varies from season to season. The Calendar is how Elexio Community handles room requests (including setup, tech requests, childcare, etc). Depending on how you use categories, you can effectively maintain multiple calendars through the one elexio system. What I mean is that we have added a property that is called “staff only.” Those events do not show up on the “public” view of the calendar that goes to our website. The “staff only” events are where we keep track of who is on vacation, or when counseling sessions are scheduled, etc. That enables our staff to see everything that is going on in the building if they so desire, but the general church members cannot see that stuff. Elexio allows for multiple feeds from this calendar system, which is nice.

Elexio Community Sunday Usage

First off, if you want to use the Elexio Kiosk don’t… Basically all it allows is giving. So, if you want a giving only kiosk, it will work. But they do not have event registration available on the kiosk at this point (they are in between iterations and I’m told it will eventually be available again).

Next, check-ins have been great from my perspective. We have stations that are setup so that our members can only check their kids into the classes that where they have been assigned. Otherwise the parent will need to go to our First Time guest desk so that they can have a person set them up properly (we choose to do this because we don’t want our data to get sloppy, and we want guests or members to get a personal touch instead of only interacting with a screen). My Elexio Community review as far as check-ins go is pretty simple – it works well!! I especially like that there is an option to toggle in case your internet goes dead.

elexio community review
Check-in Station View on iPhone 8

Elexio Community Review: Sign-ups and Registrations

My one complaint is that I cannot schedule an event registration to go live at a certain time point, since their menu only allows me to select the day that it goes live. Of course, I can manually toggle an event at a certain time, but the ability to schedule it to the minute would be nice.

elexio community review
Sample of Event Registration Form on iPhone 8

Having said that, I’m largely pleased with the way that forms work on the backend to create a simple registration experience for the end-user (the general church person). Once I learned how to work through the idiosyncrasies of the Elexio Community Forms, I’ve been able to setup forms for pretty much everything.

Elexio Community Handles Meetings OK

We use the “interactions” feature of Elexio Community to assign certain meetings to one of our pastors. For example, if Lucy Lemonhead wants to learn more about small groups through our connection card, we have built a process to ensure that someone actually follows up. The card from Sunday (or from a web-form) goes to our Receptionist. She uses the Elexio System to add the appropriate interaction (in this case one we call Small Group Connection) to Lucy Lemonhead and assigns the interaction to the correct pastor – me. I get a notification (via email, or the console of the web app) that tells me I was assigned an “interaction,” in this case talk to Lucy Lemonhead about small groups. I then write the details of our conversation in the notes section for the interaction, then mark “completed.” This example is our way of making sure that we follow up with people. We have processes designed for different types of needs like a membership conversation, a hospital visit, a general phone call, etc.

Interactions view on iPhone 8 Elexio Community App

Giving with Elexio Community

Let me start by saying that I only serve as tech support for giving questions, I do not deal with finances in any other capacity. In fact, we set permissions in Elexio Community so that only our finance admin has access to individual giving records. Having said that I can offer some insight into where are tech issues have been with this software.

The fact that there is a separate website to go to for the “giving” side is confusing. Effectively Elexio Giving is really a payment processing system. The Elexio Community “giving” tab is where weekly offerings are input. Believe me, this was a point of confusion and caused a little bit of a learning curve. So if I want to view my own giving record I go to Elexio Community and click on the giving tab. However, when I set up a fund for an event’s registration to go into, I have to do that through the Elexio Giving (payment processor) side. Again this could be confusing since you have to jump from one system to the other (by another system I mean you have to go to a different website and login). Elexio also records the total amount paid for the registration in a form, say $50. Then at the end of the month you get a bill for the processing fee on all of your transactions lumped together. It makes it difficult for individual ministries or events to keep track of the actual funds coming in (total – processing fee). This has been our biggest gripe. In the past we have used other systems that took the fee out of the total amount at the registration. So, instead of seeing that someone signed up and paid $50, we saw that they paid something like $47.50 because the fees were taken out of each transaction, not the running total at the end of the month as Elexio does.

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Elexio Ministry One App

When you use Elexio Giving you get access to the Ministry One app, which is their way of offering a free church app. I’m guessing they do this because several other payment processors do the same (I’m thinking of and others). The app looks good enough – but isn’t very customizable. You can pick colors, but not really tweak layouts or anything. Ministry One is meant to be setup by someone who knows nothing about programming. If you have any experience coding, you won’t like this app – it’s that basic. You can put a sermon feed into the app, as well as registrations, giving, prayer requests, and… that’s about it.

Sample of MinistryOne App on iPhone 8 (Sermon’s View)

From the end-user standpoint this app works well because it is so simple. I do like how it stores payment information so that I can register for an event quickly. There really isn’t much that an end-user can mess up.

Sample of Registrations view in the MinistryOne App on iPhone 8


Overall I have been very pleased with Elexio Community and Giving. The software works well for week-in-week-out tasks. It does great at check-ins. Elexio Community is acceptable at handling interactions, and is acceptable as a payment processor once you learn how to use it. I would not rate it as great at either of these two tasks though. The real area that Elexio Community shines is in the end-user experience. All of the tedious user options that staff have to sort through create an end-user experience for the general church member that is extremely nice.

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