I should start by saying that you cannot naitively create a map of people from planning center. However, it can be done, and I will show you how to do it quickly. The great thing is that it takes just a few minutes to update, so it isn’t much of a pain to change and update regularly.

First, you will need to be an administrator in the people app. Then, you click on “lists” and enter the following: “Include: People: Personal: Zip Code: Is: _a zip code where people live__” so that it looks something like this:

  • Then click on the “submit” button and let the system do its work.
  • Now click “Actions-> CSV Export”
  • A dialog box will open and you want to select “all available data” and then “generate and send pdf”.
  • Open the email and download the file. Since it is a CSV file, I’ll be using excel, but any spreadsheet program will do.
  • In excel I delete all the columns except “Last Name” and “Home Address Street Line 1,” “Home Address City,” and “Home Address Zip.”
  • Next save the file as the zip code that you exported.
  • Now we want to open “Google My Maps” – you can search for it…
  • First, rename the Untitled layer so that it is now titled as the Zip Code that your list represents.
  • Now click “import”
  • Drag the file you saved from your spreadsheet program (named a zip code) into the box
  • Now select the address columns (check all three) and press “continue.”
  • Then select the Last Name and click finish
  • Your final product will look something like this:

Now after I add several layers I can see something like this:

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