From time to time you will be asked to help someone setup their new phone. It’s a task I honestly do not enjoy. However, if you pay attention to a few tips I’ve got below, you can ensure that their device is more user-friendly than it would be if you didn’t help set it up. So we’ll call this iPhone settings for your team.

iPhone Settings: Font Size Adjustment

You may have people on your team who wear bifocals, or who are over 45. In either case they will probably benefit from you setting their phone to use a larger font than the default. Tap Settings->Display and Brightness->Text Size, and you can change the font as desired.

iPhone Settings: Notifications

I don’t know about you but I hate having 70,000 notifications. I’ll usually recommend people turn off all notifications except the ones they really need like SMS, and Slack. We require our staff to have notifications turned on for Slack so that they have no excuse for missing an important work message (along with that, we only use Slack for important conversations, everything else happens via SMS). We recommend to our staff that they schedule quiet mode at certain times. I use it from 9:30pm to 7:30am. So I get 0 notifications during those hours.

iPhone Settings: WiFi Calling

You will probably want to make sure that all of your people have WiFi calling turned on. In iOS 12 you can do this by going to settings and tapping Phone->WiFi Calling make sure it is turned on and follow the instructions. We have found that our metal buildings tend to block cell signals, especially on Sprint’s Network. You will need to have your network guy (in my case it is me) setup the security on your WiFi so that iPhones can do WiFi calling on all the different cell networks. Once you have it setup, you don’t get dropped calls, and don’t miss text messages.

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You may have a few people who need to have VPN access to certain things on your network even when they are away from the building. For those people you’ll want to make sure that you have your network setup with a VPN server, and then setup your iPhone to use a VPN client. You can read how to setup your iOS 12 device for a VPN here.

iPhone Settings: Exchange Client

Most of you will be using an exchange server for email. In fact if you aren’t, I would recommend that you make that switch now. Exchange servers are $2 per email account from Microsoft (for churches), and well worth it for security. Read this helpful article from apple for instructions on setup.

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Password Manager

I highly recommend that everyone on your team uses something like Lastpass to manage your passwords. I especially like the fact that you can use it to share passwords among your team. Even if you don’t use it in that way, you will find it much easier to use a different strong password for every account that you use if they are stored automatically for you. WIth iOS 12, you don’t even have to type the passwords in, you just enable lastpass as your password manager!

Concluding Remarks about iPhone Settings for Your Team

If you are techie then congratulations you have inherited the responsibilities for maintaining iPhone settings for your team. You might want to look at my other post about apps that our team uses every day.

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