I work as a full-time Small Groups/Media Pastor. It’s basically like having two part time jobs. I know a lot of you are in the same boat. Today I thought I’d list my top 4 distractions as a Media Pastor. The way I’m approaching this is to name the top 4 things that take me out of focus, or eat up time without me feeling like I’ve accomplished anything.

My Top 4 Distractions as a Media Pastor

#1 Tech Support – You’ve probably encountered this too. If you know a few things about computers then you somehow become everyone’s tech support. Phones, computers, network, etc., can eat up a lot of time that I would rather be getting work done.

#2 Have you seen/heard the newest __________? I am often asked about something that is media/communication related because people assume I consume a lot of media since I produce media for the church. However, I do not. So, then people want to show me whatever it is, and often times it is really good and then I waste time watching stuff when I should be working.

#3 Confirming Details – You’ve been there. You know that someone told you something about an event they wanted to have announced, or put on social media, but you don’t remember the details. When you have several other staff members, you honestly don’t know their event schedule. So, then you have to text or call and get things sorted out. But that conversation always leads to something else, so then I’ve lost focus.

#4 Updating/Learning New Software – OK this is part of my job. Yet, it still eats up an inordinate amount of time. You see, there are many technical details of things that I do not know. However, I am pretty good at finding out those details. I’m someone who enjoys learning things, so I’ll take off down a pathway to learn something useful, only to read technical articles and support articles for an hour and end up frustrated. Then I was distracted and I just wasted time.

Summary of Top 4 Distractions as a Media Pastor

While these are my top 4 distractions as a media pastor, you can be sure that there are more. What are your top distractions? How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy my post about 2019 Tech Goals at My Church.

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