Today I want to share with you a personal checklist that I’ve made for setting up the required technology for new hires at Greenwood Baptist Church. You can call this list steps for onboarding new hires with technology at church. I share this with you in hopes that it will streamline your setup with a new hire, while recognizing that the process will look different in every situation.

steps for onboarding new hires with technology at church

I’ve decided to break this down into a series of steps for onboarding new hires with technology at church, starting with the email setup since that will be required for several other items.

  1. Setup an Active Directory entry for the new person with the format f(irst letter of first name)[email protected]. For example: [email protected]
  2. Create a new email address with the same format. We use Office365 for our email. Use a default password that I know so that I can set them up on their device if necessary.
  3. Assign the proper account settings. Do they get an office subscription, etc.?
  4. Install Office programs on the computer
  5. Send a slack invitation to that email address
  6. Setup computer to connect to active directory account (bind to domain controller)
  7. Set them up in your Church Management Software with the appropriate permissions.
  8. Setup Phone with calendar, other team apps, etc.
  9. Setup lastpass account
  10. Install Jump desktop connect so I can access the computer remotely if needed

There you have it. Those are the Steps for Onboarding New Hires with Technology at Church for us. If you’re reading this post, you are probably the tech person at your church. So you may also be interested in my post about using free ticketing solutions at your church.

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