As a goal drive/achievement oriented person, I thought I would share my 2019 Tech Goals for my Church. I’ve got several of them! So, I’m going to keep the descriptions brief.

2019 Tech Goals for My Church

#1 Setup a True “Online Campus”

Finally move to the church online platform from They have a great platform that incorporates all the elements needed to build an “online campus.” I’m hoping 2019 is the year that Greenwood can make the switch to that technology instead of relying solely on Facebook Live.

#2 Invest More Resources into Training

I’m going to be purchasing a new video switcher and some equipment to go with it this year. The fact that I’m the best one at using the video switcher has become a glaring weakness on our Video team. So, this year I’m going to invest some time and money into training my volunteers. I already have 6 really good ones. I also want to recruit maybe 2 more people.

#3 Maximize Church Management Software

We have already begun the process of migrating to Elexio Church Management software from Planning Center. Much to my dismay Planning Center decided to fix many of my issues (including launching a new app) about 4 weeks into my migration process. Since we’ve already invested so much time and money, we are going to stay the course and move to Elexio. We should be completely migrated in about 2 weeks. Then I’m planning to do a lot of training for staff, and ministry leaders. After that, I’ll be doing some serious work to integrate analytics software with Elexio so that we can visualize our data in staff meetings each week. You’re going to hear a lot about this on the blog in the coming weeks.

Concluding Remarks on Tech Goals for my Church in 2019

This year I am pursuing three simple goals. My hope is that by focusing on a few things – and emphasizing volunteer training – that the overall reach of the church can grow exponentially in 2019. We’ve been growing at about 25% year over year (in people), for the past 3 years. In 2019 we are hoping to outdo that rate of growth.

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