We use a free ticketing system for church events that we expect to push the capacity of our building. Ticketing helps us balance attendance across multiple time slots, and locations.

free ticketing system for church events

Why Use a Free Ticketing System for Church Events?

In our context at Greenwood Baptist Church, we have certain events that draw crowds large enough to overflow our facility. One Christmas we had two worship services. One was a little under capacity, and the other was about 1.5 times capacity. It got hot in the building, and loud, etc. We made the choice then to move to a ticketing system to attempt to balance out attendance across multiple services for Easter, Christmas, and other events. We don’t actually require anyone to show us their ticket. We just ask people to reserve a free ticket so that we can make sure they have a seat. After doing this for about a year, our folks are pretty good about reserving a seat.

Event tickets need to be advertised on your website, and your website needs a hosting service. I use Bluehost for my church website. When you click the link and purchase web services you’ll be supporting me and my family for no extra cost to you!

What Free Ticketing System for Church Events do We Use?

We use eventbrite for our free tickets because it is free for us to use. As long as you don’t charge money for tickets, you don’t have to pay any money for the service. Eventbrite also allows us to integrate with our Facebook page’s events so that people can reserve tickets straight from Facebook.

Advantages of Free Ticketing System for Church Events

I’ve already mentioned Facebook integration. We have also used the email integration from Eventbrite to send email messages to people who have reserved a ticket. We can use this to remind people of the event, and the time that they registered for, on the day before to help ensure everyone shows up. We can also use the email function to send a survey to everyone after the event to help us create an evaluation of the event for our staff.


I really recommend that you use a free ticketing system for church events. You probably won’t want to use it for weekend services. But, for Easter, Christmas, and other high-attendance days you will want to implement a free ticketing system. Doing so has allowed our church to balance attendance, and make better use of our resources.

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