What do you do with a pile of old electronics at church? Maybe you are like me. Maybe you have held onto some pieces of technology at church and now you have a pretty sizeable pile of junk taking up space.

what to do with old electronics at church

What Do You Do with a Pile of Old Electronics at Church? Step 1

Organize. The first thing that I have done is organize everything into piles that all go together, or that are similar in function. For example I have collected all of our old phone system and stuck it into a box that contains all of the parts for that system that I’ve been keeping.

At this point I’m also dividing my piles into what I’m keeping and what I’m not keeping. After everything is grouped together I break out the label maker. Then I label everything that I intend to keep. Those freshly labelled items go into an orgazid bin or shelf or something. The point is that I need things organized so that I can tell a 15yr old volunteer, “Go grab the cable labelled micro-usb to USB from the white bin on the shelf in my office,” and they can actually do it (and still not know what the heck I’m talking about).

What Do You Do with a Pile of Old Electronics at Church? Step 2

Give it away. This is where my philosophy of church colors what actions I take. Since I think of all this stuff as belonging to God, and paid for by the people of the church, I offer it to other churches first. I offer it for free. Then if I can’t get rid of it, I try and give it to a person.

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What do You Do with a Pile of Old Electronics at Church? Step 3

If no ministry or people in our ministry need the item, then I sell it. I usually go with selling things on eBay just because I’m familiar with the process. Obviously I put that money back into my ministry budget, and not in my pocket.

Selling on eBay or even Amazon is pretty easy. You can follow this tutorial to sell on eBay and this tutorial to sell on Amazon.

What do You Do with a Pile of Old Electronics at Church? Conclusion

I thought I’d leave you with a list of all of my junk to get rid of at the moment… a 90s era phone system, a 90s era dmx light board, and an early 2000s mid-range projector. Oh, and I even found a late 90s computer up in the attic, any takers?

I hope you’ll let me know what kind of things you will be getting cleaning out by leaving a comment below. I also hope you will check out my podcast by clicking here.

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