Last week we talked about Midi Over Network (part 1). This post assumes that you’ve read and enacted what we talked about last week….This week we talk troubleshooting Midi over network. More specifically, I’ll walk you through the problems I had to troubleshoot to get everything to work on my network.

troubleshooting midi over network

Properly Configuring the Midi Over Network Connection

In my case, I need the lighting console to show that I’m transmitting and receiving via the BCF2000. On the ProPresenter Machine, I need the midi connection to show that I’m transmitting and receiving via the ProPresenter Network connection. Now this part is important… In ProPresenter, I want it set up to send midi over the ProPresenter Network, but I do not want to check any boxes for receiving midi data. I’m telling you this to save you all kinds of trouble. When I configured ProPresenter to send AND receive midi over ProPresenter Network – I had problems. My midi commands would create an endless loop of signal and crash the connected devices. It took me about 30min to figure that out. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes…

How Do I Know A Machine Is Receiving Midi Over Network?

I use a free program called midi monitor for mac (and midi ox for windows) to make sure that a machine is receiving midi commands from the network. Once you’ve installed it and opened it, be sure to check the drop-down that says “spy.” That will make sure that the program displays all the midi commands going through the network or occurring locally on your machine. Once your midi network is all connected, you should see the midi values show up on the receiving computer’s midi monitor. If you don’t see any midi values, then you haven’t configured the connection properly.

I hope you have a plan for computer crashes at your church. If you need a backup solution, I’d recommend Carbonite. I use it myself on my machines. Click this link to check it out, and if you purchase through my link you’ll be supporting me and my family.

Troubleshooting Midi Values

Another problem I ran into was that ProPresenter by default sends a note-on command/at a certain note (like A5)/at a certain velocity(default is 0). My lighting software doesn’t respond to a command with a velocity of zero. So I had to adjust the velocity to something else, and I chose 127 in ProPresenter. That way my lighting software interprets it properly.

You can adjust this by right clicking the slide/background where you placed a midi command. Then select edit cue/communication cue, etc. When the midi note dialog box opens the bottom selection is the velocity parameter. Make sure it isn’t at zero. You might want to experiment with different values to see how your software responds.

Keeping Track of Midi Over Network Commands

I think it’s necessary to keep a list of all the midi commands that I’m using on my network. When I want to program or setup a new command I can look at the list of commands to make sure I’m not duplicating anything. The list saves me time and frustration. I started with a simple written list of all the ProPresenter commands. I’m planning to create a simple spreadsheet so that the list can grow as we grow. Also a spreadsheet saved to the cloud cannot be lost, or have coffee spilled on it…

Conclusions about MIdi Over Network Part 2

I hope that this post has helped you troubleshoot some common problems when setting up midi over network connections. I’m curious to know if you are having any other problems. Please let me know if I’ve misled anyone, or if you know of another common problem.

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