Let’s talk about CHMS, or Church Management Software comparison. Today I want to share a simple infographic that I created for a recent presentation in a staff meeting.

Why Use an InfoGraphic for Church Management Software Comparison?

This simple graphic was something I used while talking about the overall pros and cons of a few different software packages. I was dealing with five different church management software companies. They are: ACS, Planning Center, Church Community Builder, Elexio, and a special beta for a new product with Flockbase that isn’t yet released. ACS was my least favorite for our particular situation, you may disagree – I understand. Now, I felt like handing everyone a simple infographic that was bookmark sized would allow them to see the background work I had done while eliminating the need for me to mention all of the details in my oral recommendation of what direction we should take. 

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My InfoGraphic for Church Management Software Comparison

church management software

I chose to make the graphic with canva since it was a free option that I am familiar with. Obviously, you can use any sort of tool that you want to create an infographic. For me, using canva was a quick and easy solution.

Conclusion about this Church Management Software Comparison

We still haven’t made our software decision yet, but we will be moving away from Planning Center soon. Don’t get me wrong, planning center is very good at what it does. However, as our church continues to scale upward we need a simpler login system than the weird email thing that they do so that we get less phone calls from people who need help understanding the process. We have also reached the tipping point to where other church management software, like Elexio, will give us more bang for our buck.

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