We’ve all been there. We’ve been stuck. We can’t figure out the problem. So how do you find help when you are stuck? I’ll share my process with you in today’s post.

how to find help when you are stuck

Preparing Ahead of Time to Find Help When You’re Stuck

Obviously the best method is to be prepared. If you are stuck NOW, then skip this section. For the rest of you, I have a few recommendations. First, I keep a list of church members who have skills (often times from their work or business) in an area that I might need help. For example, we have several hundred families at our church, and that means a few people work in fields like Computer Networking, Graphic Design, etc. I keep a spreadsheet of these people and their phone numbers or email. I also alert them to the fact that if I have a need I may give them a call. Second, if I’m weak in a particular area (for example network administration) I create a “team” of people who serve or help in that area. I have a couple of people who are on my “network team” that know where all of my documents and passwords are in case of emergency. I also routinely ask their advice on work issues. Third, I maintain a list of “specialists.” These are people who are really good in a specific field. There are sound engineers, computer network specialists, etc. I have a relationship with them where I can call them  and get quick help (at a price). These people expect to be paid, but they I can also expect quick help that will definitely solve the problem. Fourth, I use social networks to build a network of people who are friendly and don’t mind answering a question every now and then. The specialist people are my last resort when the budget is tight, but if I’ve got plenty of budget and low time, I may call them first. The context drives the decision on who I’m using.

How to Find Help When You Are Stuck Now

Step One: Contact Customer Support for the device. Often you can find free or cheap customer support from the manufacturer. You may want to use twitter and/or the phone to contact these people. I’ve found success on some network issues when contacting the vendor’s customer support and working with them. If this isn’t an option, or if it fails to resolve the problem, then proceed to…

Step Two: Check to see if a church member works in that particular area. If you find someone, call them and explain the severity of the issue and see if they are willing to help. Even if they require some payment, I like keeping things within the family. If you cannot find help this way, proceed to…

Step Three: Call a larger church and ask if they have a consultant that they use to solve problems like the one you are having. Odds are that they do, or that one of their people on staff will know how to fix it. In local churches you may be lucky and find someone who loves the Church of Jesus Christ enough to help you out for free, and do it quickly. If not, you may find a good consultant who you can pay to fix things. I have a network consultant that I call when I’m stuck. If not, proceed to the next step…

Step Four: Put out an emergency request on social media. Tweet at anyone who might seem to know how to fix the problem. Ask the question in facebook groups for this sort of problem. This should be a last resort because the odds are low that you will get a timely response if you get any responses. Still if you are at this point, you will be willing to try anything. You just might get lucky.

Step Five: If the problem is resolved, write down the steps to the solution. Also write down who helped you, because they might be able to help you again. Keep up with these records because the next time you might be able to save yourself a huge headache.

Conclusion on How to Find Help When You are Stuck

These situations call for lots of patience. That’s why you’ll want to try and prepare ahead of time. The thing to remember when you are stuck is that even though you are highly stressed, you still need to treat people appropriately. You can actually show the people around you a positive witness for Jesus when you find help when you are stuck with grace and humility.

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