What does my home technology look like? Since I spend a lot of time keeping up with and interacting with the world of technology people ask me that question frequently. It’s probably different than you think.

What My Home Technology is Not

Pastors do not choose their job because of the earnings potential so I don’t live in some high-tech Mecca. My home does rely on technology quite a bit. But, it isn’t all that visible. We have one TV in our house. We have one computer that is out to be seen – and it’s really small. If you came over to my house and didn’t know me – you wouldn’t think I cared much about technology. That’s how I want it at my house. I want my home to be about my family, and about how my family fits into the mission of Jesus here on earth. Our living room does not focus on a TV. Instead, conversation is the purpose of our living room. The TV doesn’t even get used more than 3hrs a week or so. We have several spots set up for reading. I mean the kind of reading that involves turning physical pages.

What My Home Technology Actually Looks Like

Now for the “hidden” part of my home. I’m pretty heavily invested in samsung smartthings technology.

samsung smartthings in my home technology

I have security cameras hidden around the house, and an alarm system. Alexa can turn on my lights and lock my door. Behind my couch I have a cable modem, router, arlo base station, smartthings hub, and subwoofer. You just can’t see those things. I never touch an alarm panel, so nobody realizes how automated our house is. Instead, if both phones go off site the alarm system arms itself. When someone approaches the front door I get an alert on my phone, and a video. I never actually look at my phone. Notifications come with a glance at my wristwatch (fitbit Blaze). I try to be intentional about creating systems that don’t require button presses several times a day. I use IFTTT recipes to deliver a curated list of content to my instapaper account. Then I can read through that stuff on my iPad in the evening while I’m sitting on the back patio listening to the sound of the mechanical sprinkler running. When I favorite something, IFTTT adds it to my buffer of twitter posts automatically. That way it takes me maybe 15min to read through 20-30 blogs and share some on social media. You see my goal is for the technology in my home to add value to human interaction and human rhythms in a way that doesn’t put focus on the technology. That is my main goal, enhancing human interactions. Those are the ones that matter. Maybe one day down the road I’ll get around to automating the sprinkler system. But it may not happen before Jesus comes and I’m OK with that.

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