This post details how we created a ProPresenter install in a Small Room. You will get an inside look at the details of what we did, how we did it, and what equipment was purchased.

Let’s start off with a “before” picture:

propresenter install in a small room before

This room will be used for large-group time for our Middle School Ministry. We expect the room to max out at about 40 kids. As you can see, this room is part of an old house that has been gutted and turned into a large-group meeting space. It’s really an old parsonage where we knocked out a wall and cabinets to turn the living room and kitchen into a larger meeting space. The rest of the rooms are small-group rooms for groups of about 12 at most.

List of Equipment Purchased or Donated for Our ProPresenter Install in a Small Room

1) Mac Mini (plus keyboard and mouse) – $883

2) Wall-mount for Mac Mini – $48

3) Large TV (donated)

4) TV Mount (had it in my stash)

5) two iPads (church owns several, using two that aren’t used that day)

6) iPad stand (church owns several, using one not used that day)

7) ProPresenter 6 (we have a site license)

8) USB Key – $12

Total Cost: $943!!!!

Equipment Usage for Our ProPresenter Install in a Small Room

The Mac Mini and peripherals are obviously the brains of the operation. I installed ProPresenter 6 on this machine. I also installed Jump Desktop Connect on the machine so that I can access it remotely. This machine will be connected via WiFi right now, with the possibility of adding a wired connection in the future if I feel the need (I just prefer wired connections personally). The important thing for us was having things concealed, so we had an electrician wire up outlets behind the TV that we plugged the Mac Mini and the TV into for power.

The large TV will basically just work as a display for the Mac Mini. The most annoying problem we ran into was that our mount needed standard spaced studs, and the old parsonage lacked standard spaced studs. Our solution was to mount a piece of ¾ inch plywood on the wall screwed into the oddly spaced studs. Then we just screwed the TV mount into the plywood.

I configured ProPresenter 6 so that the TV output via HDMI is the main display. You’re probably wondering how we are planning to actually run the presentation… Well the Middle School Minister is running the whole show from his iPad…

propresenter install in a small room remote

We use one of the iPads as a Remote for ProPresenter using the ProPresenter Remote App. This allows a person anywhere in the room (even the person speaking) to run the presentation. I especially like the telestrator feature in the app, so this setup is great for us. He can draw on the screen of his iPad and it shows up on the ProPresenter Main Display!

Then, we use the 2nd iPad mounted on a stand as a Stage Display using the ProPresenter Stage Display App 2 for iOS.

propresenter install in a small room stage display

For creating the presentations, we have the ability to use the wireless keyboard and mouse and create them from the Mac Mini Or, we can create the presentation somewhere else (like on the iMac in the Production Booth in our Worship Center) and then save the show, including backgrounds and videos to a USB key. Then, the USB key is inserted into the Mac Mini and loaded into ProPresenter. It’s a pretty simple process when you can use a USB key. Alternatively you could probably utilize dropbox to get the job done too.

Conclusion about our ProPresenter Install in a Small Room

The “After” Picture:

propresenter install in a small room after

For this configuration to work well, you need to be sure that your WiFi is rock solid. At my church, I’m the IT guy, so it is my responsibility. WiFI might be another expense if you are extending your network, or whatever. For this particular configuration though, rock solid WiFi is a must have so that you don’t have a lag between what the person running the show from an iPad does, and what appears on the TV screen.

I was pretty happy with the way that this propresenter install in a small room ran on its first use. It’s a low-cost way to have a high-quality system in a small room. Yes, you could do something cheaper, but you may not get the results you want. For example, you could use a small form Windows PC instead of the Mac Mini. I haven’t had good luck with propresenter on a windows machine, but your mileage may vary. Another caveat here: the you cannot airplay to your Mac Mini the way you do to an apple TV. What I mean is that you cannot simply tap a button on your iPhone and see your screen on the Mac Mini. If that feature is important to you, I suggest using the software called AirServer. They provide a solution that has worked flawlessly for me while teaching and preaching.

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Notes: The links above for equipment are affiliate links to amazon. I do receive a small portion of any sales resulting from those links, however no additional cost will be added to your order.

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