Today I want to show you How to use an iPad or Tablet in a local church. At Greenwood we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 iPads that are put to use every weekend. In this post I’ll detail the many different use cases for iPads or Tablets that we’ve found.

Kiosk for Registrations

I have an iPad mounted to a wall in our main lobby that functions purely as a registration kiosk. You can use an iPad or Tablet in your local church to register people for events.

How to Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church 1

There are tons of ways to make this work, and your ChMS probably has a way to do it. Here is how we do it at Greenwood: We have safari opened to our registrations page on Planning Center Registrations. Yes, that’s it. We use this kiosk to sign people up for events while they are on site. It allows our Information Desk helpers to point people at a system that will handle the registration so that our helpers can talk to the next person in line.

Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church as a Kiosk for Check-Ins

We have six different iPads set up as Check-in kiosks in our Children’s area. Planning Center Check Ins has an iOS app that we use to check children into our system, and track attendance in the children’s area. Each of these iPads are linked to a WiFi printer so that the installation looks clean and wire free. This setup does require charging of the iPad and the printer at each kiosk in between events.

Music Stand with PCO Services

Our Worship team has something like 5 iPads to use in for music stands. We utilize Planning Center Services for planning our Worship services and it integrates with an app called Music Stand. We use this app to allow our keyboard player to make all the page turns for the group. The apps link together and follow her screen so that whatever she does on her iPad is done across the whole group. It works pretty well. The aging iPads do occasionally have glitches, but I honestly think it is the result of an old iPad.

ProPresenter Remote

You can use an iPad or Tablet in your local church to run ProPresenter. This can be useful if you have a production booth that is hard to access, and someone with mobility issues is helping. The ProPresenter Remote app will connect directly to the computer (probably a Mac) that runs ProPresenter. It allows the operator to run the system just like they would if they were at the computer.

How to Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church 2

BONUS: If you use the ProRemote app you actually get some extra functionality. If your pastor/teacher on stage uses the app’s telestrator feature, they can draw things directly on the screen. For example, you can use the telestrator function to underline certain parts of a bible verse, or circle certain words.

Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church as an X32 Remote

We use an iPad at Greenwood as a remote for our sound board (a Behringer x32). I know this sounds like a gimmick, but it has proved very helpful. Our room was not designed for sound quality. So, there are parts of the room that sound very different from the way things sound in the production booth.

How to Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church 3

The remote allows our sound engineer to walk over to those areas and make adjustments on the sound board while standing in the poor-sounding location. The sound engineer can make adjustments so that the band or speaker sounds best across the whole room, not just in the production booth.

Payment Processor

Occasionally we need to take payments for events or T-shirts in person instead of on our website. You can use an iPad or tablet in a local church as a payment processor. For example, we usually have a special evening at a local water park where we sell discounted tickets. As a side-note we aren’t subsidizing people’s water park adventure, we just get a group non-profit discount. The catch is the tickets have to be purchased in bulk by us. So, we have to re-sell the tickets to our folks. We tend to use an app called square running on a couple of iPads. This allows us to process payments quickly.

Other Use Cases that We Have Not Tried

Kiosk for GivingThere are many apps/systems that you can use to do this. The ones I’m familiar with are Tithely and Square. I’m sure there are other ways to do this too. At Greenwood we haven’t used a giving kiosk because we’ve found that text to give seems to work just fine for us. We have rotating announcement slides between services. One of those slides gives instructions for text-to-give. Some people do use it, but not too many.

StageDisplay for PropresenterProPresenter has functionality for linking iPads or Tablets to the computer running ProPresenter. This app called StageDisplay allows you to display the stage display output from your computer on iPads or Tablets remotely with no wires. The use case I can imagine is one in which you do not have (or want to have) the stage display at the back of the room. You could then use this app to give singers or speakers the lyrics or time clock in a small form-factor stage display.

Conclusion on How to Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church

I’m sure that there are more ideas out there for How to Use an iPad or Tablet in a Local Church. But, those are all the ideas that I have! Please share anything I’ve missed with me in the comments below.

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