Today I want to share my experience with the WordPress All-In-One for Dummies book. This book is aimed at people who have absolutely no experience with wordpress (the website software). In other words, if you have no idea what wordpress is, this is the place to start. I got my copy from my local library – for free!

I decided to read this book and share it with you because I am a self-taught wordpress guy. I am certain that there are some “holes” in my wordpress knowledge and I figured that this book of basics would help me see where those “holes” are.

Review of WordPress All-In-One for Dummies

This book is massive, so I can’t really do a summary of it here. In fact, it advertises on the cover that it is 8 books in 1. It really does start with the basics up to page 50. We’re talking “what is wordpress” type of stuff. Book 2 guides you through setting up wordpress, which you can honestly find in many a web tutorial. Same song second verse for book 3 and 4, “Exploring the WordPress Dashboard,” and “Publishing Your Site with WordPress.”

In Book 5, “Examining SEO and Social Media” you really start to learn some helpful tips. Search Engine Optimization is a HUGE part of building and maintaining a website, so I really spent some time here on these 70 pages. Book 6, “Customizing the Look of Your Site” is helpful if you are building a site from scratch. But I use a theme for my websites and don’t really need to customize them any further. Of course, being a “for dummies” book this part goes into detail about what a theme is, and how to install them.

Book 7 and 8 are certainly more advanced yet. Here the authors dive into “Using and Developing Plugins” and then “Running Multiple Sites with WordPress.” I’ll admit these two areas are still something I’m not quite comfortable with. After reading these chapters I certainly understand the concepts a little better though.

Evaluation of WordPress All-In-One for Dummies

While beginners will benefit from most of those “books” or sections, more experienced users will only benefit from the last 3 or 4. As noted above, the final two “books” are really even over my head. I mean, I gained an understanding of the concepts – but I really don’t trust myself to create a plugin or anything. Having said that, I’m very comfortable installing and using other people’s plugins, so maybe it is a matter of time.

The book is certainly aimed at a beginner audience, and the content is written at that level. The aim is not to finish with the ability to design and maintain corporate sites on a massive scale. However, you can easily run your own personal site after checking out this book. For that reason, I give this book high marks for accomplishing its purpose.

Now, I came to the book looking to see what “holes” I had in my basic wordpress knowledge. Based on WordPress All-In-One for Dummies, I discovered that I did not really understand: 1) advanced theme development (discussed on pp503-549), 2) modifying existing plugin code (pp617-625), and 3) Creating a Social Media Listening Hub (pp345-357). I plan to start with creating a social media listening hub and then work on the other two areas.

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