Like most of you I have several ideas for Church Tech to Implement in 2018. Now that Easter is over, I feel like I can move on to other ideas until Christmas rolls around. Today I want to share some of the tech ideas that I am hoping to implement at my church in 2018.

Intranet/advanced file sharing

I know most of you are thinking that sounds overkill at a church. This is an integral piece of Church Tech to Implement in 2018. Let me explain why I want to setup advanced file sharing. When I started at the Greenwood, the staff was moving away from the local network share and toward dropbox. At the time that was great. However, the media team now has enough shared files on dropbox to fill up most of our hard drive space. We’ve got so many files shared across teams (for example, media team shares logo with kids/youth/etc.) that people are losing track of where the files actually are.

church tech 2018 file sharing

I’m hoping to implement some sort of intranet using a wordpress install on our server, or better organizational system for files to alleviate those problems, plus two more. Dropbox becomes expensive when you have a dozen subscriptions. At that point it makes more sense financially to implement something locally that is accessible from anywhere (i.e. an intranet/extranet). I’m still not sure what to do here, so I’m taking any advice I can get!

New Camera Gear for Photography Team/Video

When I made out my budget for the year including Church Tech to Implement in 2018, new camera gear was at the top of my list. I left myself a few thousand dollars to spend. My original thought was to get a Canon 5d mkIII, and a 24-70 2.8 L lens.

church tech 2018 lens

I have a photography team of people who actually make money, either full-time or part-time with their own camera. However I personally own better equipment than most of them. That is partly because I’m a huge technology geek. But I still notice that the next level of photography for our church is only going to happen with a full-frame camera and a super quality lens. So, I’m hoping to make that purchase this year.

Identifying All Leaders in our Database

I’ve talked before about the way that we use big data to determine levels of connectedness at our church. The main problem in my approach is that the most committed leaders are usually only labeled as such by the staff member in that area, and not by any sort of extra commitment (these are the leaders of leaders in our church). So I’m hoping to spend a week or so cataloguing and recording who is a leader in what area. Then, we’ll be able to measure how much each level of connectedness has grown after using that system for a year or more.

Fully Organized Storage Areas

This isn’t a sexy piece of Church Tech to Implement in 2018. But, it needs to be done. We’ve got piles of cables lying around. I’ve got bins of computer cables in my office, along with a few dead-ish computers. That stuff needs to get organized, stored, and labelled. I think of it as insurance on my job. I’m working to make it so that if I am unable to be at church (through catastrophic injury sustained while running or something…) then someone else can manage until I’m back. Having things organized and labelled will go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Better Small Group Stats in System

I already mentioned the need to better identify leaders in our data system. What I mean here is that I’ve got to get someone from each group to take ownership of taking attendance, and logging stuff like a calendar and what the group is studying. This will help the small group ministry (which I also lead) to be more successful. Also, in terms of Church Tech to Implement in 2018, it will give me more data on the growth and health of small groups.

Understanding API

I don’t really get how that stuff works. I’m a tech geek. I want to know. Therefore, I plan to learn about it. In fact understanding API is crucial to achieving my next goal…

Setup a Dashboard with Real-Time Stats for Church

This one may be ridiculous, but may be genius… OK, its probably overkill. But my most interesting piece of Church Tech to Implement in 2018 is a dashboard display for church. Ideally, I’ll end up with a beautiful display on a 50 inch TV. Ideally it will show stats (all trending up and to the right!) on facebook, instagram, small groups, attendance, network usage, etc.

Conclusions about Church Tech Implementation in 2018

OK, that does it for my ideas of Church Tech to Implement in 2018. What about you? Do you have any projects that you hope to finish in 2018? Do you have ideas that would help me achieve my projects? If so, please leave a comment below!

While you’re here you may want to get ideas of your own, like using captive portal on church wifi, or showing lyrics in live worship videos. You can even check out my podcast here.


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