Let me tell you a little story. I call it, Lessons Learned from a Bad Church Mailer…

On January 8th I went to my mailbox just like any other day. I opened the door and reached inside, then pulled out my mail. As walked back up the sidewalk I thumbed through the mail. I noticed a half sheet card from a local church where a friend works. I decided to check it out and see how their marketing looked.

Instantly, the fact that this piece of mail was describing Christmas services struck me. Let me reiterate that it was January 8th!! I did a double take and checked the card again to be sure, and to my disbelief I had read the card correctly. This church had wasted their money. They looked like they didn’t get how mailers work. That church seemed culturally irrelevant (I actually know their great!) because they seemed behind the times. I would argue that those are some pretty bad outcomes from a mailer.

For me, this situation underscored the reasons why I will not use mailers for promotions. Once I drop them off I’m not in charge of how it is delivered, or if it is delivered properly. Our local post office regularly returns mail that has been properly addressed, and I regularly get the wrong mail put in my mailbox.

cheesy church mailer

Example of a Cheesy Church Mailer

Solutions to a Bad Church Mailer

These problems with a bad church mailer can be easily solved by utilizing social media ads. Most of the time, my video ads cost less than 3 cents per view. I can usually get 5 thousand views from people who haven’t liked our church page for under $100 (See my post on a Facebook ad at Easter). Mailers are much more expensive than social media ads. Furthermore, Social Media ads are incredibly efficient nowadays. And once you learn how to play the game, you can create interesting ads that will get good engagement (and therefore achieve more reach on Facebook) without spending additional money.

Yes, it is hard to learn new things. Yes it can take a while to learn how to use the ad systems. But, the payoff is huge. You can get your message (the gospel!) in front of many more people for less money than a bad church mailer costs.

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