On Sunday Mornings I have quite a few responsibilities so I’ve developed a Sunday Morning Tech Checklist. I’m not in charge of the musicians’ tech, but I am in charge of just about everything else that has to do with technology. I’ve found that it is very easy to overlook something when I’m rushed on a Sunday morning. The odds of a mistake greatly increase when there is some sort of change to the norm. For example, a guest speaker that I’m supposed to brief, or a special program, etc. When I add something out of the ordinary I tend to make mistakes. For this reason I’ve created a Sunday Morning Tech Checklist to help me give my best to God.

I’ll list it below in text format, but also attach a pdf of the document too.

  1. Turn on Lighting machine and lights
  2. Check internet connection from that machine (wired connection)
  3. Re-start ProPresenter machine
  4. Turn on projectors and matrix (switches located together)
  5. Turn on amps then sound board and mic power strips (located together)
  6. Go upstairs to video booth (3 price points for streaming video at your church)
  7. Turn on Video Switcher
  8. Load proper settings from USB to video switcher
  9. Plug in laptop
  10. Reset sound combiner
  11. Set up a live-stream on facebook to go live at specific time (using OBS, mini checklist of its own)
  12. Head downstairs and switch building video distributor to Sunday Mode
  13. Turn on all 7 foyer TVs and ensure they are displaying properly
  14. Take a break
  15. Greet people as they come in
  16. During 1st song balance the mix in the foyer from iphone app
  17. Continue greeting people in foyer
  18. During 2nd service head and run the video switcher for live stream
  19. Screen capture facebook results
  20. Go downstairs and continue greeting people
  21. After 3rd service add all numbers from services attendance, etc, to planning center.
  22. Go through and turn off all TVs
  23. Head upstairs and turn off video switcher
  24. Downstairs and turn off/close lighting computer and lights
  25. Turn off projectors & ProPresenter
  26. Turn off amps then soundboard & mics.
  27. Turn off any lights
  28. Leave


You can get a copy of this Sunday Morning Tech Checklist:

Free Download: Save a copy of this checklist I made:
Sunday Morning

Please let me know if there is something you think I’ve left out. Also, I pray for the services in my car on the way to church, so please don’t think I’ve left that out.

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