Scaling Discipleship with Technology is not my first choice. But sometimes it can be necessary. For example, we had a service where we baptized 62 people, 21 of whom made a decision for Christ that day. We are not a giant church, so I needed to scale this process by leveraging technology. I greatly prefer to be one on one when discipling people. However, in some cases such as the previous one mentioned that just isn’t something I can do. Another situation that has presented itself is people watching a gospel video on our website and emailing me. When that happens I cannot exactly travel 3 states over to meet up and disciple that person. Again, I must leverage technology to accomplish the ministry goal of discipling those people.

My Solution for Scaling Discipleship with Technology

Email is not a perfect solution, but it is a surefire way of delivering a message. So, I have chosen to use it (at least in the beginning phases). What I have done is pre-compose an email sequence so that each email answers one question and leads to another one. The first email is one that points people to download the Bible app, (I think some apps are better than others) and use a particular reading plan. Then the people will get an email asking them to fill out a form at that will lead them through some basic phases of discipleship and let me see their progress.

If people continue through this step then they are going to be sent an email inviting them to connect with me more in-person, through something like a video chat.

Conclusion about Scaling Discipleship with Technology

I know this isn’t a perfect system. We have designed systems for smaller scale discipleship at church, but occasionally any system can be overwhelmed. Since our personal system was overwhelmed this is the method that I came up with to scale things up a little more. What do you think? Do you have any better ideas for scaling discipleship with technology? Please leave comments below!

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